Falcon is made of fiberglass composite material and featured in light weight, easy assembly, strong wind resistance (~8-10 m/sec), long endurance time (~90 min) and adequate failsafe functions. It is equipped with our own flight computer system. It can be easily launched by hand-throw. It has auto take-off, parachute recovery and auto-landing by programmed solution. Our software of ground control station can quickly and easily make a mission plan and control Falcon’s flight under the competent telecommunication. Falcon is capable of aerial photography, forest and atmospheric surveying, reconnaissance or others. The intergrated solutions of Falcon can meet the customer’s need and is cost-effective.

    Fuselage length: 110 cm
    Wing span: 170 cm
    Take-off weight: 3.2 Kg
    Propulsion: 850 W brushless electric motor
    Battery: Li-ion (6600 mAh/6S)
    Data link: 2.4G XBee/63 mW
    Max. altitude: 2000 m
    Wind resistance: Beaufort scale 4 (Gust wind ~10 m/sec)
    Max. speed: 120 km/h
    Cruise speed: 60 km/h
    Endurance time: 90 min
    Launch: Hand-throw
    Auto take-off
    Auto landing or parachute recovery
    Aerial Mapping
    Disaster Emergency
    Atmospheric Sampling
    Agricultural Survey
    Forest Monitoring